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Landon & Audrey

Want to meet 2 kids with the funnest personalities?? Right here. 

Landon is a GOOF BALL and has such a sweet and witty personality! I swear he might be funnier than most adults. :) And little miss Audrey, all you need to do it make a funny noise and she's the star of the show. 

Knowing just what I know about their parents, there is a reason they have such beautiful personalities. Can't wait for their family photo shoot in October!! 

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Knox - 18 Months

Want to meet a sweet family of three?? Right here. But they won't be a family of three for long.. A little MISS is going to make her appearance in about a month! 

Knox has such a sweet personality. His brown eyes, his parted hair, this boy is going to be a heart breaker! Please PLEASE check out the pictures of him lifting up his shirt so we can see his belly just like his mamas belly. It's moments like THOSE that melt me.

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Piper - 6 Months

When you put a sweet red headed baby in an urban setting, you know you've hit the jackpot for photos. Anyone else jealous of her big blue eyes and porcelin skin??

Piper is 6 months old! Her mom Hallie had such a fun idea of having her look at herself in a mirror and it was a total hit. She LOVED it. Not as much as sucking on her little toes though. :)

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Piper - 1 Year

Piper Faith is almost ONE! Why does the first year always seem to fly by more than others?? Piper's personalty is so light and sweet. She is curious and would be content with a simple rock..(which she seemed to find wherever she was sitting!)

I love when clients continue to come to me for photos throughout the years. I actually shot Piper's parents wedding, and now they have a soon to be one year old!

As most of you know, I love planning.. So when I found out they are having a WATERMELON themed birthday party… I geeked out a little bit. :) Especially when there is a matching dress involved. :) Happy birthday Piper! Enjoy!

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Cooper - 2 Year

Coopers' sweet mom, Maria, emailed me and was a bit worried since apparently Cooper didn't want to take a nap the day of our session! Things like this seem to happen a lot with littles and pictures. Either they just bumped their head or got scratched, it just shows with kids, you need to go with the flow!You would never know that Cooper didn't get his daily nap in!!

He had so much fun and did a fantastic job! He was quite the poser and showed Maria and I his inner model skills. Seriously though, check out his adorable BIG BROTHER shirt. :)

Cooper shares the same love of 'Daniel Tigers Neighborhood' like Aria. Yes I did sing the theme song for Cooper and he didn't mind one bit that I am not as good as the regular!! I love making memories like this with my kiddos and being the one to give them a congratulatory sucker. :)

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Sometimes photo sessions don't go quite as planned, especially when it comes to kiddos. Maddox is such a good-natured sweet baby!! Although she didn't want to show off her gummy smile right away, we worked and worked our craziness off and eventually it worked! She flashed us some ADORABLE smiles while having a little tea party with her piggy. Isn't that the best idea ever?

Maddox's mom has quite the props and knows how to put style into her photo sessions. I love it when clients personalize their photos. Their Uncle actually owns an antique shop in Rock Valley, IA so they definitely took advantage of it!

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