Aria - 3 months

My baby Aria turned 3 months last week!! She looks a lot like her daddy and has an adorable dimple but she was being camera shy and didn't want to smile much for me, that little stinker. I have yet to edit her newborns but once the busy season is over I am going to share! Enjoy !2015-10-29_0051.jpg 2015-10-29_0052.jpg 2015-10-29_0053.jpg 2015-10-29_0054.jpg 2015-10-29_0055.jpg 2015-10-29_0056.jpg 2015-10-29_0057.jpg 2015-10-29_0058.jpg 2015-10-29_0059.jpg 2015-10-29_0060.jpg 2015-10-29_0061.jpg 2015-10-29_0062.jpg 2015-10-29_0063.jpg