Aria - 7 Months

So Aria is already 7 months. I say it way to much, but every month that goes by it just gets more and more fun being a mom. Aria's bottom teeth are almost all the way popped through and she is way to close to crawling! (I am not prepared yet!!) She loves to scream and babble and is more than ready to be mobile. Enjoy!2016-02-25_0001.jpg 2016-02-25_0002.jpg 2016-02-25_0003.jpg 2016-02-25_0004.jpg 2016-02-25_0005.jpg 2016-02-25_0006.jpg 2016-02-25_0007.jpg 2016-02-25_0008.jpg 2016-02-25_0009.jpg 2016-02-25_0010.jpg 2016-02-25_0011.jpg