The first time I met Ezra & Leah was when I was in the hospital with Aria. Alex works with Ezra and he had already met Leah. To be honest I was not looking forward to meeting someone new after I had literally given birth a day or two ago. I was so worried what they would think of how I looked and I wasn't looking forward to awkward conversation... Little did I know all of those thoughts were FAR from true! Right when they walked into our room they greeted us with a huge smile and an adorable gift for Aria & I. Can you say Starbucks Frappuccinos anyone?? I instantly felt a great connection with Ezra & Leah and consider them some of my best friends. God has blessed these two with the wonderful journey of parenthood to Elexa. She even showed off for photos and GIGGLED!!! Aria now has another new friend to have tea parties with in the future. Enjoy!!Elexa-3413.JPG Elexa-3419.JPG Elexa-3426.JPG Elexa-3422.JPG Elexa-3435.JPG Elexa-3430.JPG Elexa-3441.JPG Elexa-3445.JPG Elexa-3455.JPG Elexa-3449.JPG Elexa-3466.JPG Elexa-3482.JPG Elexa-3471.JPG Elexa-3488.JPG Elexa-3456.JPG Elexa-3495.JPG Elexa-3506.JPG