Eric & Candra

I used to work with Candra at Casey's Bakery back in the high school days. I remember having so much fun talking with her at work. She always had a fun sense of humor. I am so happy to see that she found the one. They are adorable together. I can tell Eric can make her smile continuously. Check out these love 'canoers'. Enjoy!Fedders-7089.jpg Fedders-7099.jpg Fedders-7125.jpg Fedders-7134.jpg Fedders-7153.jpg Fedders-7184.jpg Fedders-7215.jpg Fedders-7235.jpg Fedders-7243.jpg Fedders-7244.jpg Fedders-7258.jpg Fedders-7264.jpg Fedders-7275.jpg Fedders-7298.jpg Fedders-7304.jpg Fedders-7328.jpg Fedders-7350.jpg Fedders-7389.jpg Fedders-7424.jpg Fedders-7430.jpg Fedders-7448.jpg Fedders-7450.jpg Fedders-7454.jpg Fedders-7485.jpg Fedders-7495.jpg Fedders-7499.jpg Fedders-7503.jpg Fedders-7509.jpg Fedders-7515.jpg Fedders-7526.jpg Fedders-7538.jpg Fedders-7541.jpg Fedders-7552.jpg Fedders-7564.jpg Fedders-7574.jpg Fedders-7597.jpg Fedders-7605.jpg Fedders-7614.jpg Fedders-7619.jpg Fedders-7631.jpg Fedders-7643.jpg Fedders-7660.jpg Fedders-7668.jpg Fedders-7674.jpg Fedders-7679.jpg Fedders-7684.jpg Fedders-7698.jpg Fedders-7713.jpg Fedders-7720.jpg Fedders-7731.jpg Fedders-7746.jpg Fedders-7756.jpg Fedders-7773.jpg Fedders-7776.jpg