Finn - Newborn

TThis little stinker did not want to sleep for us! He was WIDE awake for the longest time and wanted to explore and look at everything. Holding Finn made me realize how big my baby girl is!! Crazy to see how fast they grow. Can't wait to see all the adventures Aria and Finn will have as they grow up together! Enjoy!Finn - Newborn-0706.jpg Finn - Newborn-0735.jpg Finn - Newborn-0699.jpg Finn - Newborn-0747.jpg Finn - Newborn-0739.jpg Finn - Newborn-0719.jpg Finn - Newborn-0764.jpg Finn - Newborn-0723.jpg Finn - Newborn-0722.jpg Finn - Newborn-0755.jpg Finn - Newborn-0742.jpg Finn - Newborn-0702.jpg Finn - Newborn-0714.jpg Finn - Newborn-0736.jpg Finn - Newborn-0749.jpg Finn - Newborn-0753.jpg Finn - Newborn-0716.jpg Finn - Newborn-0709.jpg Finn - Newborn-0760.jpg Finn - Newborn-0695.jpg Finn - Newborn-0726.jpg