July 23. 2015

July 23, 2015 is when our precious daughter, Aria Kate Frankl was born! Alex was able to capture some amazing moments while I was a bit exhausted after 26 hours of labor. God is so good and I still am in awe of her. 2015-12-14_0010.jpg 2015-12-14_0011.jpg 2015-12-14_0012.jpg 2015-12-14_0013.jpg 2015-12-14_0014.jpg 2015-12-14_0015.jpg 2015-12-14_0016.jpg 2015-12-14_0017.jpg 2015-12-14_0018.jpg 2015-12-14_0019.jpg 2015-12-14_0020.jpg 2015-12-14_0021.jpg 2015-12-14_0022.jpg 2015-12-14_0023.jpg 2015-12-14_0024.jpg 2015-12-14_0025.jpg 2015-12-14_0026.jpg 2015-12-14_0027.jpg 2015-12-14_0028.jpg 2015-12-14_0029.jpg 2015-12-14_0030.jpg 2015-12-14_0031.jpg 2015-12-14_0032.jpg 2015-12-14_0035.jpg 2015-12-14_0033.jpg 2015-12-14_0034.jpg 2015-12-14_0036.jpg 2015-12-14_0037.jpg 2015-12-14_0038.jpg 2015-12-14_0039.jpg