Kansas City Vacation

Before I even begin to tell you all about our vacation, I made a BIG mistake and didn't charge my camera battery! So I had to use my cracked camera phone the whole trip! So please excuse the terrible quality!!! Alex and I decided to take small vacation after our busy busy wedding season! We went up just for a short weekend which was just enough time to relax and be thankful for what God has all done for us and our business. We got to go to World's of Fun for an afternoon, ate at one of the famous Arthur Bryant's BBQ restaurant. (As seen on Dives, Diners, and Drive-Ins) AND got to go to Forever 21 my absolute FAVORITE store!!! The first full day we arrived we went to the City ย Market. Such a fun place where they have fun shops and lots and lots of yummy food. :) We even bought watermelon, pepper and bean seeds... looks like we need to start a garden next spring!!ย After about an hour of shopping we needed a little pick-me-up. So we stopped by the Opera House. So many fun details inside! vertical layout2345 Alex just enjoying a steamboat demonstration After a 40 minute drive we ended up at the Riverwood Winery. This winery is actually located in an old school house! Aaaaand they had peach slushies! vertical layout234

We got to taste 8 different, and very unique wines. Alex LOVED the apple. Once again another fun vacation in the books and now cheers to the busy fall season!! :)