My friend had her baby this past April, Lincoln James. He has his mamas nose and adorable blonde hair. His inner model skills have already made an appearance at 2 weeks old! You will also see a fur model, Louis. Louis is a mamas girl and wanted to show off by keeping his butt in the air. I just love cats :) Enjoy!Lincoln-1885.JPG Lincoln-1889.JPG Lincoln-1895.JPG Lincoln-1910.JPG Lincoln-1917.JPG Lincoln-1921.JPG Lincoln-1923.JPG Lincoln-1928.JPG Lincoln-1948.JPG Lincoln-1957.JPG Lincoln-1960.JPG Lincoln-1963.JPG Lincoln-1966.JPG Lincoln-1974.JPG Lincoln-1982.JPG Lincoln-1991.JPG Lincoln-1999.JPG Lincoln-2002.JPG Lincoln-2007.JPG Lincoln-2014.JPG Lincoln-2022.JPG Lincoln-2023.JPG Lincoln-2030.JPG Lincoln-2035.JPG Lincoln-2054.JPG Lincoln-2067.JPG Lincoln-2070.JPG Lincoln-2073.JPG Lincoln-2081.JPG Lincoln-2085.JPG Lincoln-2095.JPG Lincoln-2098.JPG Lincoln-2109.JPG Lincoln-2120.JPG Lincoln-2138.JPG Lincoln-2144.JPG Lincoln-2146.JPG Lincoln-2155.JPG Lincoln-2162.JPG