Our Wedding!

I wanted to share with all of you the happiest day of my life, our wedding day! When I was planning, I didn't really get a lot 'recommendations' for vendors, or, well, pretty much anything wedding related. I want to be able to share freely with all of you future brides out there the vendors that worked for me. Don't get me wrong, I loved ALL of my vendors, but that doesn't mean there isn't other great ones out there! I know of lots of them! These are just the ones that worked for ME! :)

Probably the most exciting purchase for your wedding day, YOUR DRESS!! There is no better feeling than the true saying, "I said yes to the dress!" Well, I got to do that at Chrysalis Bridal Salon, in Orange City IA. Ohh my goodness did I have a hard time choosing! But I kept going back, and back to this one. Chrysalis did such a great job and can I say, they have the most beautiful dresses. Whatever style you want, they got it!

I had a hard time finding gorgeous jewelry without spending 'an arm and a leg.' Chrysalis Bridal Salon also has really affordable jewelry!! Since I love shoes oh so much, I didn't want to get the cliche sparkly white. I wanted something that stood out, and I mean STOOD OUT! I found these puppies online at Shoedazzle.com Here is my husband Alex, ain't he cute?? Anyways... Tip Top Tux in Orange City, IA was a HUGE help for me. You know why?? Well.. they have tuxes, party buses, AND DJ'ing! (if that's a word)  Check-Check and CHECK! Okay maybe I lied about the dress being the most exciting purchase, I forgot about the rings!! Let's just say it's a tye. We went ring shopping a few times and we ended sealing the deal at Greenbergs in Sioux City, IA. We have so much fun working with them. One of the best decisions I made was having 2 personal attendants. I cannot stress enough to all you brides out there to have more than one! Not that having one is bad, maybe I just needed more help than others :)  I probably could have used a whole army of them!  My friends Sarah & Steph did so much for me I was so thankful to have them there. Every bride should experience their 'first look' with their  hubby. Not only is it a beautiful moment but it makes GREAT pictures!!

I had so much fun working with Petals & Perks, Sioux Center IA.  I wanted a fun and unique bouquet and boy did they do it. Do you ever have a vision in your head but it's just so hard to explain? Well thankfully Laura Sneller, Owner of Petals & Perks, took my vision and made it even better! How could I forget my photographer!! Rachel Ebel Photography did an amazing job! Booking my photographer was the most important part for me, being as I am a photographer :) I wanted to book someone's style that I loved and fit me. As all you brides should do! Finding the right photographer is so important and WORTH the investment. When it's all said and done, all you are left with is dried up flowers, a dress in need of a good dry cleaning, and your photos!

Brides. It's your wedding day, RELAX and HAVE FUN!! Kick your shoes off!... or.... sit on a picnic table! It's good to keep your dress clean yes, but, why not try keep it clean while also having fun?? I probably had a little too much fun. Crickets, rocks, sand, grasshoppers, and who knows what else were in my dress by the time we were done. I didn't care because I had so much fun and was stress free! (and again, it made for great photos :)) My dad was so happy & excited to share a first look with me. What dad wouldn't be?? This is such a special moment in so many different ways. Chrysalis Bridal Salon also has bridesmaid dresses! I was just sooo happy because they had the EXACT color I wanted!! (that's hard to find) And check out their hair?? Thanks again to Fine Design Salon, Sioux Center IA Thanks again Tip Top Tux!! Another beautiful moment, my goodness there were so many!! While we were waiting for the ceremony to start we read our letters we wrote to each other. This is such a great keep sake.


Faith is huge to Alex & I so we wanted to try something a little different. Our guest book was a bible. Everyone would sign their name by their favorite verse! Our theme was romantic with a bit of vintage, and again Petals & Perks, Sioux Center, IA fulfilling my vision :) For our symbol of Unity we used a tree which went great with our message. Psalm 1. After the ceremony both of our families joined together in prayer. :) PARTY POPPERS! Having a send-off is so much fun. These were just a tad messy! We also broke through this sign on the right!! Again talking about memories, and special moments, here is another one! A more unique, and unexpected one. There was a tornado warning during our wedding reception!!! Say whaaat!! Here we all are, just  making the best of it  for about an hour!! Believe it or not this was my mom's idea! How creative is she??? My sister Amanda, also my Maid of Honor, wrote a RAP for her speech! I still to this day cannot believe it! But she did such a GREAT job! But there is more.. My two brothers, Andrew & Darren, happened to be apart of it as well!!! Once she got to the chorus these two jumped up and started rapping with her!! The Waters Edge, Sioux Center IA have thee best food! Everyone was RAVING about it. Even better news?? You can purchase frozen meals from them! Look at these desserts!!  Tiramisu, White Chocolate Snicker Cheesecake, & Mini Caramel Apple Pies! We wanted to put a spin on our reception games.. The Kissing Game. We drew a couple's name and they had to copy the kiss that we did...soon found out there's not many different ways to do so! Similar to the shoe game. We wanted the PARENTS to answer the questions! Casey's Bakery, Sioux Center, IA. Yummmmyyyyyyy! Sway with me - Michael Buble was our first dance song. :) Anyone else a fan??? Another beautiful moment! I hope this comes in handy to any of you out there! If you want more information feel free to contact me! :)