Taylor & Emily - Wedding

A Plum Colored Book Themed Wedding in Sioux Center IA

Taylor and Emily were wed on the 1st of July in a beautifully plum decorated Covenant CRC in Sioux Center. A reception followed at the Dordt College Campus Center, which was even more memorable for the couple since Dordt is where they met! 

Taylor and Emily were absolutely adorable throughout the day and photographing them was SO easy; they were so comfortable and so clearly in love I felt like I was catching a peek at what their marriage is going to look like! They're excited to be married because it means no more long distance love. Taylor has been teaching in Saipan and plans to continue, so Emily is going to join him there after she finishes her Master's this summer. That will make for an exciting first year of marriage! 

Their wedding day was marked by beautiful sunny skies, pops of purple, and the cutest bookmark wedding favors. All in all, a lovely day with lovely people!