The Month of July

This past July was fun-filled! We went to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, shot two weddings, and our daughter Aria turned ONE!  

We went to the Sioux County Fair and Aria loved it! DSC00325.JPG DSC00326.JPG DSC00327.JPG

She called every animal a 'puppy' DSC00328.JPG DSC00330.JPG DSC00331.JPG

She loves to help me water the plants. 13884359_10208202156389844_1563905929_n.jpg

On our way to the OUTER BANKS! Aria and her cousin Brody! It was the first time flying for the both of them and they did great! Lots of new toys, suckers and stickers were involved in the process. :)Β  13918737_10208202156269841_211375580_o.jpg

Our beach house for the week! 13872592_10208202155309817_1138184917_n.jpg

Our front year view! 13918379_10208213079502915_1745039106_o.jpg

DSC00332.JPG DSC00338.JPG DSC00339.JPG DSC00340.JPG DSC00346.JPG DSC00347.JPG

She LOVED the water and sand DSC00348.JPG DSC00350.JPG DSC00351.JPG DSC00352.JPG DSC00353.JPG DSC00354.JPG 13669655_10207009837026564_8552546630810798604_n.jpg

Getting icecream for my brothers birthday! 13669155_10207009833746482_2154337896406871240_n.jpg 13680206_10207009827346322_8082096992018612335_o.jpg

She loves her cousin Graham 13874793_10208202154869806_362588223_n.jpg

Uncle Andrew 13936543_10208213080942951_276981324_n.jpg 13738180_10207009806865810_3368132481964946102_o.jpg DSC00356.JPG DSC00363.JPG

Some of the siblings went to the martini bar across the street 13875086_10208202154109787_1383053515_n.jpg

The seagulls were more than entertaining for Aria.Β  13900525_1768661530048719_1933759217_n.jpg

Our view from our hotel at DC on the way home.Β  13884408_10208202149109662_1253247286_n.jpg

Photos of Aria's birthday party coming soon!