The Month of June

Again, Here I am blogging the month of June in mid-July! The phrase 'better-late-than-never' is becoming more common in my vocabulary. Here is the Month of June in a nutshell! Enjoy!

My dad grew up in Wisconsin. We used to go visit twice a year, but as we grow up it gets harder and harder to find a time for everyone to meet! This year Alex couldn't get off work to come along with me. Aria has never been to Wisconsin or met the 'Raih' gang. So the 8 hour drive began!Β 

13401028_10207785430771964_270620595_n.jpg 13414699_10207785441652236_1981154831_n.jpg

Subway stop! 13407351_10206671553849696_1870786444_n.jpg The first day my Uncle Dan had a surprise for us. He wouldn't tell us what it was, but it was worth the surprise. An EAGLES NEST! My pictures don't do it justice.... that's cell phone photos for ya! Look closely and you can see two little baby eagles in the nest and the mom or dad on top.

13391060_10207785435852091_574367074_n.jpg 13401267_10207785432292002_992565440_n.jpg 13390958_10207785431251976_1820544284_n.jpg

Riding back in my uncle Dan's truck! 13393083_10207785439492182_787652296_n.jpg 13401292_10207785432372004_439488891_n.jpg Fish Fry with my cousin Jessica! 13393455_10207785446132348_805848478_n.jpg My cousin Angela and I wearing some of my Grandpas awesome sweat shirts! 13405116_10207785436412105_1299269258_o.jpg 13405667_10207785434452056_148811352_o (1).jpg 13434028_10206671552449661_1427142370_n.jpg 13393170_10207785385730838_2087133644_n.jpg 13434042_10206671551649641_307422381_n.jpg 13434136_10206671551529638_388394708_n.jpg 13414480_10207785432692012_897653944_n.jpg DSC00303.JPG DSC00302.JPG DSC00306.JPG 13436155_10206671553249681_1007410876_n.jpg

Cousin Love 13451265_10206671553009675_48082177_n.jpg 13453809_10206671551809645_994724578_n.jpg

This year she got to FINALLY meet her Great Grandpa Raih! DSC00295.JPG Four Generations DSC00297.JPG 13453722_10206671551689642_807751704_n.jpg

We got to celebrate my Nephew Grahams 6th Birthday 13451220_10206671548849571_518791062_n.jpg

We got our concrete pad poured!! I'll have to show you the final product next month.
Β Β DSC00288.JPG DSC00290.JPG DSC00291.JPG Aria loved watching them pour it. DSC00287.JPG So... I turned 25 this month!... And Alex threw me a Surprise Party!! He took me out to eat in Sioux Center and told me as we were done eating we had to go home because he forgot to print off the tickets! ( He wouldn't tell me what the tickets were for).. So we went back home and I saw some of our friends sitting at the table and I tried leaving because I thought I was interrupting a meeting or something.. so I said "Oh Sorry" and tried to turn around as Alex had to push me in the house!! Then I thought.. 'Wait this is my house..why would I be sorry?!?' Then they all yelled surprise! 13598955_10207994450837335_1528973745_n.jpg 13595561_10207994450957338_1107447942_n.jpg 13599457_10207994450877336_765726573_n.jpg 13435329_10207774106448105_286743547780713738_n.jpg 13435392_10207774106368103_2921472910878374414_n.jpg The next day Alex's family came over to celebrate with us. 13608169_1756401407941398_902942663_n.jpg 13595580_1756401391274733_35390627_n.jpg

Aria loves swinging and her Uncle Reagan 13599106_1756401394608066_627141443_n.jpg Alex's first Fathers Day!!! DSC00310.JPG DSC00315.JPG DSC00318.JPG DSC00320.JPG