The Month of May

So one of my New Years resolutions was to be to start a 'Monthly Blog Post'.. well I am about 5 months late! This blog post is a few activities that our month of May consisted of. Sorry for the terribly quality! These are taken with my point and shoot camera. Oh and my phone... :) Enjoy!  

Aria and her cousin Brody taking a much needed bath after an evening of playing! DSC00214.JPG DSC00215.JPG DSC00217.JPG

Oh Aria... DSC00219.JPG

Arias first time trying popcorn. The cushions were full of popcorn by the end.. DSC00221.JPG

Proud daddys


Lincoln & Aria


Tulip Festival!!ย 


Watching the parade with Skylar & Kamdyn!ย  DSC00232.JPG

First time by the tulips! DSC00235.JPG

Not the best angle.. Aria was about to grab the tulips.. we all know that wouldn't end well. DSC00237.JPG 13295131_10207717129144466_358786029_n.jpg

Watching daddy play ball! 13295347_10207717129104465_403122490_n.jpg

At the Omaha Mall. 13318726_10207737872543038_1693137038_n.jpg

Arias first time swimming! She was a little scared at first but then LOVED it.ย  DSC00251.JPG

Aria and her uncle Spencer.ย  DSC00267.JPG

At the zoo! DSC00270.JPG DSC00271.JPG DSC00273.JPG DSC00274.JPG DSC00275.JPG DSC00277.JPG DSC00278.JPG

Papa & Grandma Frankl! DSC00282.JPG

The zoo is rough DSC00284.JPG