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Landon & Audrey

Want to meet 2 kids with the funnest personalities?? Right here. 

Landon is a GOOF BALL and has such a sweet and witty personality! I swear he might be funnier than most adults. :) And little miss Audrey, all you need to do it make a funny noise and she's the star of the show. 

Knowing just what I know about their parents, there is a reason they have such beautiful personalities. Can't wait for their family photo shoot in October!! 

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Pauling Family

When this family contacted me to photograph their family again I was a little excited. The last time I saw them all was almost 2 years ago and it's always so cool so see how kids grow and change, and yet how their personality is still the same. 

We had a HOT HOT day for photos but that didn't keep the kiddos from smiling! They wanted to keep taking photos! Straight up dedication. It just shows, having your photo taken is supposed to be fun, and I think they had more than that! :) 

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Knox - 18 Months

Want to meet a sweet family of three?? Right here. But they won't be a family of three for long.. A little MISS is going to make her appearance in about a month! 

Knox has such a sweet personality. His brown eyes, his parted hair, this boy is going to be a heart breaker! Please PLEASE check out the pictures of him lifting up his shirt so we can see his belly just like his mamas belly. It's moments like THOSE that melt me.

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Altena Family

Having a laid back family to photograph is such a blessing! The Altenas purchased my ATLAS donation of a family photography session and the Lord continues to bless me with the sweetest families every year!! 

Watching all of the cousin love happening here hit so close to home. Aria ADORES her cousins as well and I think it is such a blessing to have cousins that you love and live so close by. 

Thanks again to this wonderful family for making my job that much more fun!

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Mahnke Family
A Sioux Center Family Session

Do you like surprises?? Right here. Mark & Natalie surprised the kiddos with a PUPPY at the end of the session so that they would be able to focus for photos in the beginning. Although their guesses were an elephant or a doll, their hopes were not let down!

Little did Natalie know that Mark was on one knee behind her while watching the kids play with the puppy. It was such a beautiful moment that I am still honored to be apart of.

Mark & Natalie I wish you two the best and have fun planning a WEDDING!!

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Ethan, Lana, & Chevy