Ashley - Styled Model Shoot

One model, three photographers. Any girls dream right?!? Last night we had the pleasure of photographing this sweet thing. Some call her Ashley, some call her Dory, Dora... Well whichever name you call just fits! I had the pleasure of working alongside two fellow photographer FRIENDS!! Jenny & Ashley. Having friends who are fellow photographers who share the same passion is unreal.  Loved the light we had and some fun behind the scenes photos!! Can't wait to do this more often and do what I love with these ladies! :)2016-04-08_0001.jpg 2016-04-08_0002.jpg 2016-04-08_0003.jpg

I want her boots!!! 2016-04-08_0004.jpg 2016-04-08_0005.jpg 2016-04-08_0006.jpg 2016-04-08_0007.jpg 2016-04-08_0008.jpg 2016-04-08_0009.jpg 2016-04-08_0010.jpg 2016-04-08_0011.jpg 2016-04-08_0012.jpg 2016-04-08_0013.jpg

These girls... :) Jenny & Ashley! 2016-04-08_0014.jpg 2016-04-08_0015.jpg 2016-04-08_0016.jpg 2016-04-08_0017.jpg 2016-04-08_0018.jpg 2016-04-08_0019.jpg 2016-04-08_0020.jpg

YES!! 2016-04-08_0021.jpg

Tried to get a selfie with a 50mm Lens doesn't work. But I love this!  2016-04-08_0022.jpg 2016-04-08_0023.jpg 2016-04-08_0024.jpg 2016-04-08_0025.jpg 2016-04-08_0026.jpg 2016-04-08_0027.jpg 2016-04-08_0028.jpg 2016-04-08_0029.jpg

Thanks again Ashley for freezing your legs off for us! 2016-04-08_0030.jpg 2016-04-08_0031.jpg 2016-04-08_0032.jpg 2016-04-08_0033.jpg 2016-04-08_0034.jpg 2016-04-08_0035.jpg 2016-04-08_0036.jpg 2016-04-08_0037.jpg 2016-04-08_0038.jpg 2016-04-08_0039.jpg 2016-04-08_0040.jpg

My girl Jenny! 2016-04-08_0041.jpg

Gorgeous sky, for a perfect day. 2016-04-08_0042.jpg