Mulder Maternity

So my dear friends Cam and Kari are expecting their first baby any day now... and I couldn't be more excited! You see, Kari and I grew up together and probably had the best childhood memories any person could ask for. We had so much fun with whatever we were doing, no matter how creative it was. For example.. we played with pencils. PENCILS. We would sharpen a bunch at different heights so we could make families! I could go on and on but I told myself I'd make this short. I can only hope and pray that our babies will grow as close friends and have as many fun unforgettable memories as we have. Enjoy!2016-04-16_0001.jpg 2016-04-16_0002.jpg 2016-04-16_0003.jpg 2016-04-16_0004.jpg 2016-04-16_0005.jpg 2016-04-16_0006.jpg 2016-04-16_0007.jpg 2016-04-16_0008.jpg 2016-04-16_0009.jpg 2016-04-16_0010.jpg 2016-04-16_0011.jpg 2016-04-16_0012.jpg 2016-04-16_0013.jpg 2016-04-16_0014.jpg 2016-04-16_0015.jpg 2016-04-16_0016.jpg 2016-04-16_0017.jpg 2016-04-16_0018.jpg 2016-04-16_0019.jpg 2016-04-16_0020.jpg 2016-04-16_0021.jpg 2016-04-16_0022.jpg 2016-04-16_0023.jpg 2016-04-16_0024.jpg 2016-04-16_0025.jpg 2016-04-16_0026.jpg 2016-04-16_0027.jpg 2016-04-16_0028.jpg 2016-04-16_0029.jpg 2016-04-16_0030.jpg 2016-04-16_0031.jpg 2016-04-16_0032.jpg 2016-04-16_0033.jpg 2016-04-16_0034.jpg 2016-04-16_0035.jpg 2016-04-16_0036.jpg 2016-04-16_0037.jpg 2016-04-16_0038.jpg 2016-04-16_0039.jpg 2016-04-16_0040.jpg 2016-04-16_0042.jpg 2016-04-16_0043.jpg 2016-04-16_0044.jpg 2016-04-16_0045.jpg 2016-04-16_0046.jpg 2016-04-16_0047.jpg 2016-04-16_0048.jpg 2016-04-16_0049.jpg 2016-04-16_0050.jpg 2016-04-16_0051.jpg 2016-04-16_0052.jpg