Our First Year in Sioux Center

So, I realized I have never officially announced that we have moved from Akron and are now living in Sioux Center! It was quite a process, a stressful one at that. Our home in Akron was on and off the market for the past 2 years. We knew we had to do lots of renos to sell our home. We painted the exterior, and almost every room in the house! I like painting so that was more than fun for me. Alex finished our basement. I am so proud of him and his handiness. In march 2015 we listed our home. We had a few viewings with lots of positive feedback. In the back of my mind I was worried. I was more than halfway through my pregnancy, we didn't know where we were going to live if we did sell our home. But we knew God has a plan! In April a young couple fell in love with our home. Praise the Lord! For those of you who have sold a home before you know the process is far from easy. It is stressful!! You need to wait for loan approval, appraisals, and all that fun stuff... But in May we finally had the 'okay' that it was official!! So now what? I am 7 months pregnant, and we don't have a home.. Well thanks to my sweet parents for taking us in and letting us live in their basement for 3 months!!

Leaving Akron was bittersweet. We were so close to Alex's family.. and we knew telling them the news wasn't going to be easy,  but we knew it was the right decision for our business and our family. They were very supportive and we are so thankful for all that they did for us in this process.

Alex and I decided to build a home in Sioux Center. Thank goodness there were Spec homes being built, because being as pregnant as I was, I wouldn't have been able to pick everything out! Picking out the flooring was hard enough for me!

In July, we had our our little girl Aria Kate. So I know every mom always is excited to bring their baby to it's new home. Well..... we got to bring Aria home to Grandpa and Grandmas! This was probably more exciting for them than for us. But yet again, God knew what He was doing!!  I had a very traumatic birth experience, which I will spare all those details, but it was a blessing living with them and having their support through this very very difficult time for me. I had help 24/7 with my mom being there during the day, and Alex being there when he came home from his brand new job at the City. Which reminds me I forgot to mention! God answered our prayers and guided Alex to his new job!!! He was currently working in Le Mars and he was approached to apply for his new job! God is AMAZING!

September rolled around and our home was finally done! Our life here is great and we are more than happy with where our lives are and where God has placed us. Did I mention we live close to Mc Donalds?? Did I also mention that this is Alex's favorite restaurant?? 'No honey, I don't want Mc Donalds for dinner.' has come up more than a few times in our home! :)

I posted some pictures of the whole process of our Akron renos, and our current home. So I guess this is our 'official' announcement. WE HAVE MOVED!!!!


Our living room in Akron BEFORE


AFTER. Crazy what paint can do!


Our bathroom is Akron BEFORE


Our bathroom AFTERDSC06804

The building process! Yes I know.. I am VERY pregnant.. 


I think I was standing in-between the posts to show you that I just fit...


Standing in our bathroom!


This is Arias room!!! Not complete at all, and yes it is a mess!


This is our bedroom!


Welcome to the Frankl living room. It usually has more toys everywhere.. and a coffee table. But due to 'baby-proofing' , we had to put it away for awhile. :) 


The kitchen. If you can't tell by now, I am in love with the color white. 


The dining room! My favorite. You can notice the coffee table on the bottom left. Right now it is my indoor garden. :) 


Well there you have it! My home is far from pinterest perfect, but I love it! Next up we are going to be starting our landscaping process!! Grass and plants here we come!! And brick... and rock... Stay tuned!