Brent & Savanah

Brent and Savanah had a beautiful outdoor Wednesday wedding! The weather was absolutely PERFECT! The sun was shining and there was just enough breeze. :) And just to put a little spin on things, Brent and Savanah didn't see each other until the ceremony! It was beautiful. They had the most meaningful details to their day. Savanah is an EMT and Brent is a firefighter. So..... during the ceremony a firetruck dropped off Brent, and an ambulance dropped off Savanah! And check out Savanah's garter. So perfect. Enjoy!! Isn't this idea cool?? Their programs are made into fans for their outdoor wedding!! Here's that garter I was talking about :)

I know these sisters pretty well... So well in fact that this pose was my idea! This was RIGHT before the ceremony. They had a little time to talk without seeing each other :)  Here she comes off the Ambulance!! I just love Tabitha's face here