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Austin & Selena - Wedding

Austin and Selena were married at the Mary Jo Arboretum in Sioux Falls, SD with the reception following at Celebrate church in Brandon, SD. 

This was a unique wedding for me in so many ways! The bride has a Hispanic heritage, but wasn't able to have a Quinceañera, so her dad put on her wedding shoes at their first look. It was such a sweet moment that I was so happy to be a part of!!!

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Trevor & Jessica - Wedding

Trevor and Jessica were married at First Reformed Church in Sioux Center on Friday, November 17, 2017. The reception followed at the Alton Golf Course.


With a miserably cold day on Thursday and a chance of snow on Saturday, we were so grateful for the beautiful weather we had on Friday! Trevor and Jessica had a rustic theme that was well rounded with the incorporation of shot gun shells in the flower bouquets and the bridesmaids' cowboy boots! It's so fun to see how each couple takes what they love and adds it to their wedding day. 

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Ben & Megan - Wedding

I absolutely LOVE summer weddings. Especially when the colors consist of lavender. Ben & Megan were married at Hagge Park in Sac City, Iowa. Ben & Megan actually met at their job. They are both teachers! Most romantic way to meet? Probably...

Once they started dating they had to keep it a little hush hush because we all know how kiddos can be when they hear two of their teachers are DATING! It wasn't long until they shared the news because they knew they had found the one.

They shared a beautiful outdoor wedding where the breeze was perfect enough to keep cool from the warm sun that was shining. Their reception was so relaxed and FUN! They had live music, a s'more bar, and lots and lots of friends and family sharing the joy.

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Jenna & Eric

Saturday, May 13 was a beautiful day for Jenna and Eric’s wedding at St. Mary’s Church in Hawarden, Iowa. The couple has kind of a fun story – they met about eight years ago and dated for a few weeks, but then Jenna ended up moving down south for about four years.. When she came back and started living in Minneapolis, Eric called her up for a date! They’ve been inseparable ever since. :)

This couple is clearly in love and meant to be together. How cute are their portraits?? We took pictures in Oak Grove and it was one of those perfect days where it’s not too hot and not too cold, plus the bugs aren’t out yet! For Jenna's 'something borrowed' she carried a pink set of pearls around her bouquet that belonged to her grandma – what a neat memory!

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Adam & Valerie

Adam and Valerie are married!! They had a gorgeous black tie themed wedding in Hull, Iowa at the Calvary PRC church. Valerie knew what she wanted when she met Adam. In fact, when she found out that her friend Vanessa was his cousin, she specifically told her "Hey, set me up!" The rest was history.

This black tie wedding was gorgeous. The sparkly bridesmaids dresses add so much I am in love! Everyone got ready at the North Place which was a perfect way to start the day since Valerie's family was staying there since she is from Michigan! The weather was absolutely beautiful.. which is why May is my favorite month. :)

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Joel & Hanna - Wedding

On April 29, Joel and Hanna were married at Calvary CRC in Orange City, IA with the reception following at Living Water church. I’ve known Hanna since high school – we were in soccer together! – and it was such a joy to be able to capture their big day and be reminded of all of our laughs and inside jokes that we used to share on the field.

Joel and Hanna had a simple yet elegant wedding that fit their personalities perfectly. And what a beautiful time of year to have a wedding! It was a little breezy, but the trees were blossoming and the lighting was spectacular and the wedding party was a dream.

How cute are the umbrellas? It may not have been raining…but that doesn’t matter. 

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Caleb & Sarah - Wedding

Caleb & Sarah had a beautiful plum & birch themed wedding! They got wed at Immanuel CRC in Orange City, Iowa with  a beautiful reception to follow at the Terrace View Event Center. We were all thrilled since they had AMAZING weather for February! You know, that kind of weather you can't decided whether you want to wear a coat and be a little warm, or not wear it and be a little chilly. :)

Sarah brought DIY to a whole new level. There were SO many great details to capture I couldn't possibly post them all! Although, I wish I could. :)

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Ryan & Laura
Kyle & Shae