Trevor & Jessica - Wedding

Trevor and Jessica were married at First Reformed Church in Sioux Center on Friday, November 17, 2017. The reception followed at the Alton Golf Course.


With a miserably cold day on Thursday and a chance of snow on Saturday, we were so grateful for the beautiful weather we had on Friday! Trevor and Jessica had a rustic theme that was well rounded with the incorporation of shot gun shells in the flower bouquets and the bridesmaids' cowboy boots! It's so fun to see how each couple takes what they love and adds it to their wedding day. 


The cloud cover made snapping some gorgeous pictures of the couple a breeze- Trevor could have been a model with how well he posed! It was beautiful but it was a little chilly, but everyone in the wedding party was a trooper and didn't complain! 


I love to shoot weddings. It's always such a joy to see family and friends gather to celebrate the love and the lifetime together that the newlyweds have to look forward to!