Grant & Kelly - Wedding

Ohhh Kelly & Grant. I knew Kelly's sister in college so I knew if she was anything like her sister Jill, we would hit it off perfectly! Now Grant & I have a different story. Grant & I were in the same art class in college. He was just a tad bit better at painting and drawing, actually he was the best in the class!! Thanks again Grant for helping draw my art so I could stick to painting. :) Shhh don't tell Mr. T!

I am still so giddy with how the weather was this past Saturday. GORGEOUS!! Fall leaves, small breeze and oh yes... COSMO Kelly's cat!! I still can't believe I forgot to bring a treat for that little fur ball. Don't let me forget that their wedding day was actually their four year anniversary!!

Kelly has such a special relationship with her dad. Their first look was beautiful. She surprised him with a hankerceif, and that's when so many emotions were happening to the small crowd observing. :) It was a great day spent with lots of love, laughter and lots of fun relationships with their loved ones. Enjoy!