Taylor & Dulce - Wedding

Taylor & Dulce were married in Orange City, Iowa at Trinity Reformed Church, with a reception to follow at the Crossroads Pavilion in Sheldon, Iowa.

When I think of this wedding, the word ‘joy’ comes to mind. The whole day everyone seemed so happy. When we were just a tad behind schedule, everyone was happy. Taylor hurt his leg and needed some stitches, (his dad ended up super gluing it shut for the time being) he smiled through it all. You’d never know he had an injury!

Taylor has a son named Hurley, a blued eyed boy. Hurley was so happy all day and felt a sense of pride through-out the day. During the ceremony, Hurley did ‘the floss’ during the vows :) I think that was his way of showing his excitement.

Dulce’s mother was not able to be at the ceremony as she lives in a different country. They live streamed the wedding for her and asked her to stand-up where she was at during the giving away of Dulce.

Speeches are always one of my favorites during the receptions. This wedding had two amazing speeches. Dulce’s sister Vanessa gave a beautiful speech that had many in tears. Dulce’s uncle had the honor or translating it for all which made it even more special. Taylor’s brother Beau had a beautiful speech as well. When brothers voice their feelings to one another it melts my heart, not to mention everyone’s there.

I am so happy I had the opportunity to be the photographer for this wedding. It is one I will never forget. :) Enjoy!