Luke & Christa - Wedding

Luke and Christa were married at First Reformed Church in Orange City, IA, with reception following at the Hospers Iowa Community Center. 

It was obvious when I did Luke and Christa's engagement pictures that they were meant to be together. They are the kind of couple that make photographing weddings so much fun! From an incredibly sweet and touching first look to the first dance at the end of the night, this day was full of memorable moments! 

Family and quality time are so important to these two. Immediately following the ceremony, there were fun foods from the family's different countries of origin for the guests to try and enjoy - I loved the Kringle! This idea was unique because it gave the bride and groom time to dismiss everyone in the sanctuary, while guests could mingle and enjoy a light snack before sending the couple off and head to the reception. There's often not time built in to just visit like that, which is why I loved it!

Christa had a handkerchief wrapped around her gorgeous bouquet from her grandma that her grandpa gave to her after he came back from the war. I love special touches like this - they add so much to the day! 


Danielle AnnComment