Mothers Day 2016

My very first Mothers Day. Last Mothers Day when I was pregnant I remember thinking to myself, Next year will be my first MOTHERS DAY!" It was crazy to imagine... I am going to be a MOTHER. The reality of motherhood didn't sink in until the first moment I held Aria. We all have our own idea of what motherhood will be like. How fun it will be; all of the 'firsts' we will get to experience; buying all of the cute outfits and decorating their room. But no one really tells us how hard, crazy, EXHAUSTING, tearful, FUN and amazing it is!  We develop a love we never thought we could ever experience. No one ever tells us about all of the trials. That is the beauty of motherhood. Our children teach us so much everyday! To be patient and selfless. God has given me the gift to be a mother and I am so thankful that was a part of His plan. The love I have for Aria is difficult to describe. I just want to squeeze those cheeks over and over again. (I promise I do refrain as much as possible for her benefit.) The love I have for her is so strong, I can't even begin to comprehend the love our God has for all of us!!!! Being a mother has shown me how much my God really loves me no matter how many mistakes I make in a day, He LOVES us more than we can fathom. Mothers Day is another reminder of His love for us, and the blessings he has given us all.

2016-05-09_0001.jpg Alex surprised me with my favorite breakfast, Bacon and French toast! And Mimosas?? YES PLEASE! 2016-05-09_0002.jpg 13181220_10207592098778785_590127301_n

This year we got to celebrate Mothers Day with the Frankl side. My lovely mother-in-law Amy! 2016-05-09_0003.jpg

Amy has a talent for this adorable set-up! Notice their dog Jasmine :) 2016-05-09_0004.jpg

So I wanted to write 'Happy Mothers Day'... There is a reason I am not a cake decorator....... 13150029_10207592098498778_338189148_n

Aria getting lots of attention with Grandpa and Grandma 2016-05-09_0005.jpg

Great Grandma! 13101340_10207592098738784_876849444_n 13183029_10207592098538779_1618036235_n

My mom stopped by. Love her to pieces and pieces!!! 2016-05-09_0006.jpg 2016-05-09_0007.jpg

My dad. Can't wait to celebrate Fathers Day with him. :) 2016-05-09_0008.jpg