Myla - 3 Months

So.. my friend's baby Myla is such a sweet little honey. Myla was talking and cooing the entire time. We had to work hard to get those smiles because she just wanted to talk and talk. What a sweetie. While I was editing these, my Aria was looking at the photos screaming and smiling and trying to say 'baby'. Alexis I think we need a play date when Myla gets a bit older :) Enjoy!2016-05-06_0012.jpg 2016-05-06_0013.jpg 2016-05-06_0014.jpg 2016-05-06_0015.jpg 2016-05-06_0016.jpg 2016-05-06_0017.jpg 2016-05-06_0018.jpg 2016-05-06_0019.jpg 2016-05-06_0020.jpg 2016-05-06_0021.jpg 2016-05-06_0022.jpg 2016-05-06_0023.jpg 2016-05-06_0024.jpg 2016-05-06_0025.jpg 2016-05-06_0026.jpg 2016-05-06_0027.jpg 2016-05-06_0028.jpg 2016-05-06_0029.jpg 2016-05-06_0030.jpg 2016-05-06_0031.jpg 2016-05-06_0032.jpg 2016-05-06_0033.jpg 2016-05-06_0034.jpg 2016-05-06_0035.jpg 2016-05-06_0036.jpg