Julia & Grant - Wedding

Julia & Grant experienced a warm, muddy, gorgeous spring wedding at First Christian Reformed Church in Hull, Iowa with a reception to follow at the Terrace View Event Center in Sioux Center, Iowa.

With spring and Iowa combined, you never know what you’re going to get weather wise. The morning of their wedding, it was cool and rainy. But doing what Iowa does best, the weather did a 180 on us and by the time portraits arrived the sun was in full bloom! And so were the muddy puddles..

All the locations we had in mind were swampy. It felt like alligators could have been bathing in there for all I knew! I knew of a spot that had good light but, of course, it was a bit muddy. Did Julia or Grant care? Heck no! They embraced it! Julia kicked off her shoes and was barefoot. That my friends, is why I loved working with this couple. They didn’t let the little things get the best of them. She didn’t care that yes, there were some dirt spots on the bottom of her dress. Sorry to say, but that happens to almost every bride no matter where you go!

Their ceremony consisted of the flower girls saying ‘hi’ to everyone while walking down the aisle, and Julia and Grant giddily laughing because Julia had a hard time putting Grant’s ring on his finger. Which is exactly what Grant was worried about prior. (He had to do the cold water trick after rehearsal.)

Speeches are by far one of my favorite things when I photograph weddings. The creativity shown GREATLY through Grant’s best man Matt’s speech(es). Any of you heard of the YouTube video Neature Walk? Let’s just say, he made a personal presentation called Grant & Julia’s Neatimony. All awhile he was dressed as a park ranger. And (hopefully) an empty fun case. :)

Grant & Julia. I want to thank you for choosing me to be the one to experience your wedding day along side you. It was truly warm heart-ed and fun. Enjoy this fun season of your marriage! Enjoy!