The De Groot Family

Meet the De Groot family! Liz had the fantastic idea of having their photos taken in a green house! I was thrilled. I love when my clients are creative and have specific unique places.

Their daughter Rylin was having a blast! You’ll notice her many outfit changes and accessories throughout. Let’s just say, I want to photograph her senior photos someday because she was adorable and SO into it! The youngest boy Roanan was in my daughter Aria’s preschool class. I couldn’t WAIT to see him again because at their end of the year program, he just smiled shyly the whole time. Who can resist that red hair am I right?? Kaase is their middle child. He was the cuddler of the 3. He just wanted to hug and squeeze his siblings it melted my heart.

Such a wonderful family they all are. Thanks so much Ryan & Liz! Have a wonderful summer!!