The Van Roekel Family

The Van Roekels are a stinkin’ wonderful family. I have been working with these guys for about 2 years now! Over those 2 years, I have formed relationships with all of them. Their daughter Peyton and my daughter Aria have had a play date which consumed of categorizing Beanie Babies by animal type and then throwing them down the steps. :) The next one to come is going to be a pizza picnic in the park! Cannot wait. :)

Peyton & Jerrod are the sweetest easy going children. Probably because their parents are just the same. We were blessed with yet again, beautiful weather. I even got a 2 minutes hug from Peyton at the end. I’ve never had a child so sad to be done with pictures. I’ll see you soon Peyton!! Enjoy!

Danielle AnnComment