I had the pleasure of having some fun with Ruby for her 2 year photos!! What's better than being a mom and getting some photos with your kids?? Those of you that are moms know how it is always being behind the camera instead of in front of it. I know these photos will be cherished forever. Enjoy! Crawford-6476.jpg Crawford-6499.jpg Crawford-6502.jpg Crawford-6522.jpg Crawford-6541.jpg Crawford-6558.jpg Crawford-6581.jpg Crawford-6590.jpg Crawford-6593.jpg Crawford-6606.jpg Crawford-6615.jpg Crawford-6630.jpg Crawford-6631.jpg Crawford-6634.jpg Crawford-6636.jpg Crawford-6652.jpg Crawford-6658.jpg Crawford-6675.jpg Crawford-6687.jpg Crawford-6689.jpg Crawford-6692.jpg Crawford-6701.jpg Crawford-6711.jpg Crawford-6713.jpg Crawford-6719.jpg Crawford-6726.jpg Crawford-6821.jpg Crawford-6832.jpg