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Mothers Day 2017

I finally had my first photo session with Aria!! She’s 22 months old, so it’s kinda sad that it took me this long, but here’s to new traditions :)

We were finally able to do this because my friend Jenny (of Jenny Marie Photography) is doing Greenhouse Mini Sessions later in May and she wanted some models, so of course I said yes! It was so much fun!!

I will say though, Aria was NOT impressed and would not even LOOK at the camera! So I wasn’t able to get the traditional pictures of us looking at the camera like so many parents and grandparents crave, but I do LOVE the pictures I did get with her. They really showed off one of her defining traits and exactly what my days consist of: Busyness.  And that is just fine with me!! While we all have those days where we wish our kids would just sit still and relax, I am reminded again and again that Aria has been the biggest blessing in my life; busyness and all. She has pushed me in more ways than one. Her personality is so silly and tender-hearted and it’s been such a joy to watch her grow and learn and love these last 22 months. And while she might not love taking pictures, I did discover she loves to LOOK at pictures, so there’s still hope that there’s a little photographer in her! A mom can dream, right?? :)

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